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Ottawa Online Sat Apr 24th 7pm ET €4.30 (CAD $6.60)


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Online Show

Electronic, Alternative Tour Apr 2021 Virtual World Tour

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youbloom’s April Virtual World Tour winds its way over three evenings from Coventry, England on April 22nd at 7pm UK, westwards over the Atlantic to Calgary Canada on April 23rd at 7pm MT and then on to Ottawa, Canada on April 24th at 7pm ET. Each show includes three amazing artists, Electronic artist dolltr!ck from Singapore/NYC, Electronica duo Light Dreams from Kyiv, Ukraine and Alternative Singer-Songwriter Mathew Falvai from Quebec, Canada all of whom will take part in a Q&A with the audience following their 30 mins performance. The shows will be hosted by youbloom local promoter CityReps in each of the cities. Full details on the shows including artists are enclosed in each show’s information.

Line up

Light Dreams

Light Dreams is a live electronica/chillout Duo, based in Ukraine. Since the creation of the band, the musicians have toured extensively, participating in major Ukrainian and foreign festivals, from time to time creating collaborations with other musicians and bands. Band successfully manifesting itself at such major festivals as Koktebel Jazz Festival, Leopolis Jazz Festival, Atlas Weekend, Gogol Fest, and Vibronica Music Festival. For all period Light Dreams released three EP 'Faces of Nature', 'Time for Spring' and 'Moonlight'. Want Light Dreams to play a show in your city? click the icon below to request them now!



dolltr!ck is the artist project of music technologist and electronic musician Claire Marie Lim, who entered the scene as a DJ, remixer, and live experience designer for a slew of Grammy-nominated and Billboard-charting artists. Known for her dynamic live electronic music performances that have taken her to esteemed venues and events across the globe and on the World Wide Web, dolltr!ck’s palette of dreamy synths, punchy drum machines, and crystal-clear vocals lets her paint auditory experiences that seamlessly meld electronica, pop, future bass, and dance music. Her endeavors have been hailed as “shattering the glass ceiling of electronic music”, especially in her advocacy of female and Asian representation. Want dolltr!ck to play a show in your city? click the icon below to request her now!


Mathew Falvai

Mathew layers acoustic with ambient effects, propelled by programmed beats and his dynamic voice. Inspired by the melody, beauty and experimentation of The Beatles, Radiohead, and Elliot Smith.


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