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Artist Recruitment Guide

Recruit artists from: 
  • ● Your youbloom Dashboard (use your login credentials for access) Check the artist’s A&R guidance as either “Approved” or “Resubmit” (but this is only guidance, you the Show Creator decides who to book in your shows.
  • ● An artist can email AnRTeam@youbloom.com with one or more new live performance videos to be re-reviewed by the youbloom A&R team (up to two times each year). We know that sometimes the artist’s video that our A&R programmers reviewed may not have been the best recording and we know that emerging artists improve in their live performance all the time. Our goal is for all artists to get to perform and for fans to always experience amazing performances.
    • ● Your own contacts
  • ● You’ll find more ideas in the next module “Artist Recruitment Guide”

Become a Part of the Scene

Building a network within the music scene in your immediate area can help spread the word of your goals and become familiar with local artists and live music hosts. The local community can be a strong resource to acquire artist recommendations, increase your social presence within the music community, and work with local artists.



Social media accounts make it convenient to connect with artists and bands in your area. It can be beneficial to use your own social media accounts to announce events and promote your services. However, it is also important to utilize social media to connect with other members of the music industry.


Facebook Groups

Facebook can be a useful resource to connect with music industry professionals or artists around the world. 

Both local and worldwide groups offer helpful resources to familiarize yourself with more music industry professionals. 

Use these groups to share information about upcoming shows, to connect with other music promoters, and to discover new artists.


Worldwide Facebook Groups

Here is a list of Worldwide Facebook Groups to get started:


Local Facebook Groups

Local music groups vary by location. It may be difficult to access these groups at first, but with a growing network in worldwide support pages, you may be redirected to local pages. 

Some keywords to get started on your search in the meantime: 

music scene, local artists, live events, independent artists

  • ● Be sure to add your city, area, or location at the beginning of these searches

Exchanging Social Media Handles

Don’t let the communication stop at Facebook forums. Further connect with individuals on other social media platforms and start building strong, long-lasting connections with music industry folks.     Instagram & Twitter

Utilize hashtags on Instagram Discover and Twitter Search to find talented artists in your area.

Some examples of successful hashtag searches include, but are not limited to: 

#chicagomusicscene, #lamusic, #londonindie

These same hashtags can be used to attract an audience for future shows and promotional efforts on your own social media accounts



Although an old-fashioned method, contacting artists and promoters through email can bring about new opportunities to increasing your music-industry presence and building your network.

You can find contact information and email for artists on music platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, Bandcamp, etc. 


Organizations, Forums, and Local Resources

Researching and communicating with associations, organizations, and individuals in your area can help connect you with other music-industry professionals, music enthusiasts, and independent artists.


Music Support Organizations

Some organizations to help begin the search for further resources:


Online Forums

Here is a preliminary list of online forums that can get you started with your search on all music-related topics:

Play around with keywords and browse through threads to find what you are looking for.


Local Resources

Start getting familiar with the venues, concert halls, radio stations, and record stores in your immediate area. 

  • ● Check out who they follow on social media.
  • ● Let them know who you are and what your cause is. 
  • ● Most are willing to help promote your service.

Flyers and Posters

  • ● Some of these physical locations will have bulletin boards that allow for promoting your show/recruiting artists.
  • ● It could be beneficial to stop by local record stores and venues in neighboring areas to ask if you can put flyers up with your contact information.


More likely than not, local and community radio stations are more than willing to promote the music and shows of independent artists coming to your local area.

Local and community stations, including student run university and college radios such as KEXP-FM, WNUR and more feature releases and content of artists across the country. Research radio in your area for more information.


Remember Your Former Connections

Artists you’ve worked with in the past could be a great resource to recruit more artists for your shows. Don’t forget to contact them for an introduction to artists they have a relationship with.

Contact hosts for connections to other hosts and other artists that have performed in their locations. You can then reach out to these artists for recommendations for more artists and so on.


Don’t Stop Here

The above tips are just preliminary steps to help get started with building a network of music industry professionals. Maintain these relationships and use them as stepping stones to create a bank of resources and connections that will help further your career.


Don’t Stop Here

That's all for this Guide.

Good luck!