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How It Works – youbloom Responsibilities

The youbloomConnect Platform helps Show Creators to inspire audiences with amazing performances with the following services  
  • ● Fully automated multi-currency ticketing set up for Live shows (Online shows and Secret show set up will be added in the coming months)
  • ● Artist profiles with A&R ratings in the Connect Dashboard (Connect A&R Ratings are now for guidance only for Show Creators)
  • ● Fan Artist Requesting data (which may help you with booking artists in your shows)
  • ● A list of artist matches based genre and social clout (which may help you with booking artists in your shows
  • ● Show Ratings by Fans, Artists and Show Creators
  • ● Guidance in setting up first shows for beginners in the (this Guide)
  • ● Support from (see “Support” link on the lower left of your Dashboard)